Saturday, 28 April 2012

Swirly Wurley Psychedelic Sixties Soap!!

Strange title but true..  This is Week 6 of the Soap Challenge organised by Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks, I cant believe we have already got to Week 6 and there are now over 90 soap makers across the globe taking part, what a fabulous soap making party we are all having!!

Seriously, the challenge has been great, testing skills, making us think and, most of all, great fun.  The best thing for both us as makers and you (I hope) as watchers is that it is to continue. So below are the next few dates and the challenges we have to rise to:

Week 6 (starting April 22): Faux Funnel pour soap
Week 7 (starting April 29): Gradient colored soap
Week 8 (starting May 6): Salt Bars
Week 9 (starting May 13): Peaked Tops
Week 10 (starting May 20): Landscape soap
Week 11 (starting May 27): Making soap with natural ingredients

As before, we make the soap during the week and then on Saturday Amy posts the link to which we post our photos, videos, blogs etc.

So, what have Puro Soaps done this week?  We have decided to split the challenges up, as we did before. This gives us both the chance to play and expand on our skills.  Week 6 was Ishbels week...........'made in Devon'

Well the challenge was to make a soap using the Faux Funnel technique, don't ask, if I tried to explain this to you I would be here all week!  So instead I have made a video (with the help of my lovely son Ryan who is an excellent graphic designer), both of the making and then the next day cutting so you get to see the whole process and the final bars of soap.  It is shorter than the last one, honestly.  I hope you stick with it and watch until the end, the music is great (I would say that as its my choice) and you do get to see the whole soap making process in its entirety.  this soap is our really fabulous 'Beijinhos' which means in English 'Little Kisses', it's fragranced with Kismet - (Lush Karma Type) Patchouli, orange, lemongrass, lavender, pine, gardenia, sandalwood, and musk - Its gorgeous!! and, more importantly, behaves very well in cold process soap.

OK, so click and watch, please remember to leave us comments, we LOVE them, and do visit and sign up to our facebook site too, thats where you get to hear about all the special offers and new products first.

If you want to have a look at all the other challenge results please visit this page, I hope you do and if you like what you see do leave a comment.  We soap makers work very hard to design and produce what we do and to hear that you like it too makes all the difference.


  1. Lovely soap and the embellishments are so fun! Kismit sounds magical!

  2. Beautiful work, Ishbel! Love the swirls and skewer work - can't see the orange in the finished soap! Are you sure you put it in there?? LOL!

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  4. Groovy Baby!! The video is fantastic and the soap looks wonderful- i love the soundtrack (Show of Hands-yay!) but i have to admit with the psychedelic theme i was expecting something like the 'Age of Aquarius from Hair!'
    brill! Shell xx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, I really love your soap, it is so pretty. Enjoyed your video and music too, x Linda

  6. Great video and fun soap! I definitely think you captured the hippy tie-dye vibe with the colors, swirls and little embeds on top! Great job. LOL about the comment by velagota and the Age of Aquarius music! I remember the 5th Dimension very well.

  7. Wow, gorgeous soap Ish! great video... and I loved the music too. Ali x