Tuesday, 23 July 2013

NEW Soapcake Minis

Yes, pretty exciting really we have been waiting to get the time to trial some of these using a completely new technique which means we can make these little soaps in bulk without having to invest in lots of 4" silicone cake tins - thats even if you can find any for sale out there!

They have worked out really well, I only just put them up on the website and have already sold two!  We designed them as a way of bridging the gap between our really successful but quite expensive 10" cakes and the much smaller standard cupcakes.  These really are an affordable way of getting lovely cupcakes to sell either as wholesale or retail.

See how nice they look next to a full size cake....

They can be fully customized, we can make to order and basically make any design, colour or fragrance required.  All the soap is CP and the piping is all done by hand.  We are looking into a way of personalising them (probably for a little bit more money per cake) which will make them lovely as a very unique wedding present for example.  We could write the Bride and Grooms name as well as the date of the wedding on each one.  As soon as we have images they will be posted.  If you are interested in wholesaling our soaps go to our wholesale page

Do let us know what you think also if you have any ideas for interesting decorations or styles.  Thank you for reading our blog.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

TEA TREE OR NOT TEA TREE? This is the question

Ok now Im confused....

For quite a few years now one of my best selling soaps has been my Dirty Dog soap, designed for washing your dog with great natural ingredients and only essential oils and natural colour.  The oils I use are Citronella and Tea Tree.  Citronella because it makes the dogs coats smell lovely and fresh and bugs hate it, Tea Tree because I always understood it was a natural antiseptic, was soothing and helped to reduce skin problems.

Now it seems this is being questioned, sometimes quite alarmingly.  Here are some links from the many I found on Google -


For - (with advice)

As a real dog lover I, of course, do not want to be in a position where I inadvertently cause any problems to any animals that have my soap used on them (many people use my soap to treat Horses with fly problems, its even been know to be used by a shepherd washing off his sheep's rear end!).  I understand that problems occur with products that stay on the skin and potentially get licked off, thereby being ingested.  But I dont want to take any chances at all so, a little sadly, I have changed the fragrance formula and gone for Lavender essential oil to replace the Tea Tree.  Lavender is also soothing, calming, safe to use on the skin and smells great.  I was unsure of the combination but, after cutting up my first batch, I am hooked, its really, really lovely.

Isnt it funny, sometimes you are forced into a change, then when its done you wonder why you never made the change before?