Thursday, 29 October 2009

How lovely is this, Lolas first bath and with me!! lots of firsts seem to be happening lately, I am so happy to have both Aimee and Lola staying with us at the moment its a real joy. Even Rik, "Grumpy Grandad", says she is his kind of baby, she never cries, sleeps perfectly and is such fun to have around.
I'm off to Budleigh Farmers Market tomorrow, second time Ive done it, but this time Ive got Aimee for her selling powers and Lola as support, I cant go wrong!!
Will let you all know how I do.....

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The original Dirty Dog doing his stuff!! hes a total nutter, get him wet and he rolls in/on anything. This is Blue our English Working Springer Spaniel. Mad boy!!

Just labeled up my new soaps, all in the Limited Edition section of my website, i.e. once these batches have gone, thats it! no more, I move on to something else, and I already have lots of ideas up my sleeve. these soaps will go out on the markets mid November, although they are available now on the website.

Hazy Daisy, very earthy and floral, Patchouli and Lavender, topped with glitter soap daisies!! Purple haze is a rose and patchouli scent.

Both really lovely and sooo ready for Totnes Christmas Festival, I cant wait!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Phew, been so busy tonight just wrapped masses of bars of Christmas soap. I am wondering it it is really worth it, time wise, to wrap each one with a hand tied bow, it looks lovely but takes an age. I did Exmouth Farmers Market last Wednesday (my best ever) and the Christmas Spice Cake simply flew off the stall, I sold almost every bar I took, and that was a whole batch!! Im going to be very busy making enough for the markets Ive got coming up - see my News section on the website - Ohhh err I just hope I have enough!! Got to do a huge make this weekend.
My wonderful boyfriend Rik has made me a fantastic mold, its twice the size I have previously been using (made by me). This one is made from really strong ply double skin for extra strength and insulation. It takes a huge batch of soap, enough for 48 bars, and has very clever clips on each of one of the long sides making is so easy to get the teflon lined soap bar out. Its so brilliant that I have ordered two more. that will increase my capacity by 3 times. I have a lot of making to do.

the above pictures are back to front! First one shows the soap out and liner pulled off, second one is the side of my new mould clipped off and liner slid out, and the last one shows my new mold with English Rose in. Ready for taking out and cutting. I am soooo pleased with them!
thanks Rik XXX ;-) XXX

Monday, 19 October 2009

Naturally Made Soaps new website is now live!

Please go to

Let me know what you think?

Im very excited about it.

Friday, 16 October 2009


Baby Lola is here!! shes absolutely adorable, born on Tuesday 13th at 7.59pm weighing in at 7lb 11.5oz, we thought she had black hair to start with but its already looking pretty blonde, like her daddy. Here is a picture of Lola with her adoring Uncle Ryan at less than 24 hours old. She made us wait (4 days in hospital) but is so worth it. Her Mum, Aimee is doing well too.
I am the proudest Grandparent ever!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ive got so many fantastic soaps for you to try,

Its 12.25am and I am going in to hospital tomorrow to meet my grandaughter, its a life changing moment.

I will keep you all updated.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Well just been listening to a fantastic Bluegrass/country song that the kids and I love big time

The Cox Family - When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart

I'm not at all religious but I don't think you have to be to get this, neither me and the kids are religious or church goers, but, this always does something HUGE to us!!! whats that about then? I guess I must be feeling very soppy or something but you just have to listen to the fantastic harmony, the voices are fab -

I want Baby Lola to come out lovin' good bluegrass and the blues, I know she will, if me and her Mum have anything to do about it!!..

Well, Im still here!! no sign of baby Lola yet, she is really making us wait! Anyway, tomorrow I go in at 8.30am with Aimee so she can be induced, so by tomorrow night, with any luck, I will be a Nanny! Yipee. On another note, I thought you might like to know, our most favorite pub in the whole wide world, the one my Beer Bar is named after - The Bridge Inn at Topsham, has an exciting event coming up

She's coming back! Kim Richey Saturday 24th October at 8pm Tickets £9 in advance from The Bridge 01392 873862

link to the Bridge Inn -

Thursday, 8 October 2009

This is the image I drew for my Baby Lolas Bar soap labels, Yes, my grandaughter already has a designer soap in her name and she is not even here yet! Its also the heading for my FAQs page on the new website. Very soon I will be letting you all know how you can go and have a look. But for now its off to Tesco to get all the snacks, water, cooling face spray, magazines etc. I will need for my time in hospital as Aimees birthing partner. I am actually going to be there to see her first breath, I really feel so privileged and special.

I will keep you all posted, lets hope I have a real photo of Lola to post soon.

Well I really cant believe it, Ive finally cracked my new website, just a few tweaks left and it will be ready for publishing and testing - how good it that?
What a day, Im about to become a Gradmother (well Nanny actually) for the very first time, my daughter is in the early stages of labour and I cant wait!!! Im soooooo excited.