Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cutting Bridge Inn Beer Bar natural soap with new wires on the cutter

I did promise after the last video that I would remember to order new wires for my old and well used cutter.  The problem I have found with it, and I know others in the soap world have too, is that wire cutters work very differently from knives when it comes to cutting soap.

If the wire is fairly thick, mine came with 2mm stainless wires fitted, they do not actually cut the soap bars, they seem to push curls of soap out of the way on their journey through your soap loaf. This leaves a rough, kind of bobbley surface on the finished soap bars, which does not look nice and means you have to scrape the soap off before packaging.

I got fed up with this so I investigated the thinnest wires I could use on my cutter and ordered stainless steel guitar E strings from Amazon.  Now they come very cheap (£1.24 for a set of 5) so I ordered 3 sets thinking that I was bound to break a few when setting up the cutter.

In fact I only broke one, carefully tightened the others and this video shows you how good the result was.  I am thrilled, I can't tell you how much nicer, and quicker, it is now to cut a huge loaf of soap up.  These Bridge Inn Beer Bars (a big favorite here in the UK) are going to look so good in our new boxes too, I cant wait to see them.

Our new packaging is looking really great.  We have new boxes for our soap bars:

and lovely new cupcake pods which should really protect them as well as allowing customers to see how beautiful they look.

So, as always, let us know what you think of both the new video and our packaging.  We really love to hear your comments.  Please feel free to share this too.  You can visit our new You Tube Channel and if you do please be sure to subscribe.  We hope to be making many more.

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