Wednesday, 1 February 2012

PURO Soaps signature soap bars

Yes!  The first time that PURO soaps have been made here in the UK, using the same lovely ingredients of course.  Shelley and I have had to syncronise soap moulds as well as our recipes, where we get our ingredients, in fact everything to ensure that wherever in the world PURO soaps are ordered they will be exactly the same.

So here we go, a pictorial journey into the first three batches of 'Puro' - our signature range of Olive oil rich, natural soaps.

Unmoulded loaves of Citrino (in the background) and Rosa - ready for cutting into bars
Citrino cut up and stamped with our new 'Puro' stamp - They look so creamy and smell fantastic

I have also cut up the sensational 'Bolo de Chocolate' or Chocolate and Strawberry Gateaux.  Its a sumptuously rich, creamy soap with a beautiful strawberry shape suspended inside the bar.  The top is finished off with lifelike soap strawberries, white soap chocolate curls and glitter.  Now I am proud to say that this firm favorite of Naturally Made Soaps is sporting a 'Puro' stamp!

First slices cut of the Bolo de Chocolate, looking great, the suspended strawberries are perfect.  This soap with darken lots while curing, it will finish off quite brown, chocolate coloured which makes the white swirls and soap curls really stand out.

So there they are.  I am very happy with the first PURO soaps made in the UK, watch this space for many, many more.  I am currently working on photos for the new PURO website which will mean the Naturally Made Soaps site will be temporarily closed down.  This is due to take place later on today and the site should be down for just one week.  Follow our progress on this blog as well as our PURO Facebook page

So here they all are and don't they look lovely? All ready for the curing shelves.  I can tell you that my hands are already really soft and my workshop smells really wonderful.
Remember, we can make any special soap you might like for your shop/website/business.  We LOVE coming up with new and exciting soaps.

I'm really excited to hear what you think about the new soaps, please do leave a comment for us.  Thanks for reading.  If you are reading this blog for the first time do sign up for more, we have so much great news to share with you all.


  1. These soaps are so gorgeous!

    1. They are really beautiful! And they seem to be so creamy...

  2. I love seeing fresh poured to unmolding to cutting. Great post and beautiful soaps!

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone, keep them coming. The soap is very, very creamy but with very rich bubbles too. Pass on the word, PURO makes fantastic soaps!

  4. Sometime ago I was given a body wash with a high olive oil content, my first reaction was Ewwww!But I have to say olive oil on the skin is just fantastic. Can't wait to try them out.

  5. OMG! Your chocolate and strawberry soaps looks amazing =)

  6. Hermoso tu blog, te sigo pero no dejo comentarios porque no se si entiendes bien mi idioma, vivo en Argentina y espero puedas entender que te he dejado un regalo en mi blog! que lo disfrutes, es un mimo a tu tarea. Saludos desde Argentina

  7. Thanks everyone, you are very, very kind X very busy with the re-brand at the moment, the website is now offline so I have to get on with it!!