Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Do NOT believe everything you read

I am gobsmacked!  I mean totally speechless.  I have just read the most unbelievable article ever.  Where, oh where, did this guy get his information from.  He is arguing the case that wonderful, natural soaps are better for you than the harsher commercially made detergents that call themselves soaps, we all know this and its a message that I have sent out many, many times but to say that natural soap is made from gas??  also that there is such a thing as 'all natural water soap'??  and even that commercial soapmakers add petrol to their soap??  (far be it from me to defend their products but I am sure that even they are not using actual gasoline to make soap with)

This is frightening and very miss leading, I have left a comment for the writer, do have a read and leave one too if you can.

Kevin Akin is the former Californian State Chair of The Peace and Freedom Party, now Riverside County Officer.

Please note, I have no affiliation with this or any other political party either in the US or the UK.


  1. If the author said "petrol" that does not mean gasoline, just any byproduct from the refining of petroleum, like mineral oil. Also, remember that the term natural can be misleading. Anyway I'll go read that article now...

  2. OK. Nevermind. I'm pretty sure English is not this person's first language. It's really poorly written and I'm not sure if they know what they're talking about.

  3. Update: I left a comment.

    "Sorry, unless the maker is using gasoline to light the flame to melt the oils, gasoline is not in any way used in the saponification process. Also, soap and detergent are chemically different and the names should not be used interchangeably."

  4. Hi, thanks for reading, I am sure you are right about it just being very bad written English, I was just so amazed. I don't think too many people will have read it so hopefully there wont be even more confused heads when it comes to natural soap. IshX

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