Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Its getting very close now

Puro soaps is now officially taking over!  The new website is coming on well, I am hopeful that I will meet my deadline of Friday 24th Feb. Still quite a bit to do but I am keen to show you some of the new images.

These are our fabulous new signature soaps, Puro Citrino, Puro Verde and Puro Rosa.  The best in natural, olive oil rich soaps, better than any other soap you might have tried.

Our totally amazing soap cupcakes and soapcakes that are proving real winners across the UK and Europe

and, just to let you know, although we are bringing in a fabulous new range of soaps, some of the old favorites will still be available - Dirty Dog Soap, The Bridge Inn Beer Bar and Baby Lolas Bar will all still be available on the website.

So keep watching, as soon as the new site is live, you will be the first to know.

Like us?  the go to the Purosoaps facebook site and let us know, link on the right hand side of this site - and can I just thank all those of you who have done this, spread the word please.  We are working so hard to make the best natural soap ever......


  1. Great stamp! I just love it. And all your stuff looks marvelous.

  2. Gorgeous soaps, and great stamp too! Any advice on where to get a little beauty like that?

  3. Really nice stamp! I like your name as well, Puro means "creek" in Finnish :)

  4. Love that stamp -really nice job! ;)

  5. Hey, great to hear from you all guys! thanks for commenting. The stamp comes from a local company here in Devon UK, They are called Devon Stamps,, very quick and very reasonable. They will make any design into a stamp. Keep following us, we are about to change over to the new name Puro Soaps, follow on facebook or this blog. thanks again

  6. Hello, I need talk with you about International soap swap (in Soap Artists blog).
    Can you confirm your participation?
    Thank you very much.