Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More New Cupcakes on the curing rack

The curing rack is groaning under the weight of soaps waiting for that special moment when they are ready for sale.  A lot of prodding, poking and close inspection goes on before that, the soaps are stacked on their ends with a small amount of space between them to allow the air to pass round every surface aiding the drying/curing process.  As its still cold and damp here in Devon the rack is up in Ryans room and it makes the house smell so good!
Those of you with eagle eyes may be able to tell what my rack was in its former life......... 
An old GPO, or post office for those of you a lot younger than me, set of sorting shelves!  It works a treat, I line the shelved with greaseproof paper and stack, the whole thing is made up of strong steel mesh covered in black plastic so the ventilation is fantastic and soaps cure nice and evenly.  Each shelf even has its own plastic label for me to add dates etc with a white board marker.  Ive just to find more though - these ones are full!
New cupcakes include my sweet butterfly cakes, sample mini lovespell cakes and some really gorgeous pink roses on white and white roses on pink (see the trays below the racks).  I cant wait to get them out on the stall.  They will be ready soon, watch this space.  Ive also got a lovely new gardening soap bar with Portuguese coffee, I used to make this a lot last year and a whole load of people have asked for it back so Ive made more!


  1. Brilliant idea for a curing rack - I keep waiting to find a baker's rack, but no luck so far.
    Your cupcake soaps are adorable !

  2. Thanks, guys, just really want another GPO rack, they are soooo cool. cupcake soaps ready really soon XX

  3. Your cupcake soaps are gorgeous!! I just bought a baker's rack off a friend who decided to go out of the soaping business. I think it will work great for me!

  4. Thanks Amy, Im very happy with the new soaps, I just need more space!!

  5. wowee- they look great!! love the new flutterby one! xx

  6. Oh, I can only imagine the smell of that room! I would never leave. And they look absolutely wonderful!