Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fab new cupcake slippers to make

Thanks to ohmygoodknits!  (I love this blog site) Ive found this lovely pattern for very simple little toddler slippers.  I feel another cupcake idea coming on guys!
Using worsted weight yarn and a 5.00mm hook (H)–
CH 4, slst to make a circle
CH 3, 10 DC into circle (11 dc),
CH 3, DC into same st, 2 DC into each st around (22 dc)
next three rows (even rounds): CH 3, 1 DC into each st
CH 3, DC into next 18 st, leaving 4 unworked. CH 3, turn and work 18 DC back and forth until the sole is as long as the baby’s foot (~5 rows).

seam up the back, then work about 2 rounds of single crochet around the edge, decreasing at the corners.

That’s it! Easy peasy! You can make a complete pair in under and hour. The fun part is thinking of ways to decorate them using felt and thread. Lisa has even turned some into different slippers by crocheting up a little strap on the borders, see below.

Lisa has one suggestion to parents: watch your babies in these! They’re like socks, so if you have slippery floors, be extra vigilant. She used some puffy fabric paint to make them slightly more slip-resistant. You could also sew a sole to the bottom or at least some slip-resistant spots near the toe and heel.   Enjoy!  Let me see some pics if you do make some, I intend to.


  1. These are so special!

  2. Arent they just gorgeous? I love ohmygoodknits, Lisa is just so clever. Im going to make a pair for baby lola and post a pic of her wearing them! thanks for your comment