Saturday, 29 May 2010

HOME SWEET HOME - Well ......... manic work and madness

This is why I came home

My beautiful girls - Aimee and Lola May.............

Home is really Portugal (in my heart these days).  Anyway, we did it, flew there in our wonderful little Europa and it was totally fantastic!  I will be posting the photos soon and got some really good soap leads for Naturally Made Soaps while I was there.

Glad to be home, selling and working hard, got Exmouth Food Fest for the Bank Holiday weekend so will be putting in a full blog appearance after that.  But while Im here Im so enjoying being with these two nutters!!!  Can't you just see why?


  1. Your girls are so sweet. :)

  2. Hi there, saw you in Exmouth today, it was great meeting you.

    How lovely, the picture of your girls brought a smile to my face. :D

  3. Hey it was good to meet you too Eve and thanks for sending your photos, I will put a couple up on the blog soon! Sooooo tired after this week, got to go to bed early, back to work at my normal job tomorrow!!

    Thanks to you too Amy, I think they are truly lovely, my daughter is Aimee too, shes a real love and Lola, well say no more, my total poppet!

  4. :D I've written about you on my blog! I really enjoyed meeting you!