Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pretty Posh Fair, Exmouth

Well the stall looked fine, not as good as normal as I was so rushed I just did not have time to get my normal overhead supports so I could cover it with spring greenery and flowers, but I managed to get time to stop off on the way in with gloves and secateurs and cut some new beech, oak and Hawthorn.  I then put this into two jugs on either side and it looked nice, not quite the same but people liked it.

A funny old day really.  Lots of people, a steady flow all morning, lots of interest and questions but just not buying much.  Why?  Could it be the recession, could it be the election looming?  I know people are still very worried about finances, and why not, and it was not just me, lots of other stall holders were slow too.  Oh well, cupcakes flew off the stall and sold lots of the new palm oil free range....
On the other hand I made lots of good contacts.  Two more shops wanting to stock Naturally Made Soaps, two more fairs to attend and a chance to buy into a very cheap supply of pomace olive oil - basically enough for potentially a years supply for £1.95 a litre.  So pretty pleased really.  Anyway, Debbie (the organiser) did a fantastic job of getting a really great selection of products today, it always amazes me how many talented makers there are in Devon, some really lovely stuff.  I will be booking my stall for the October Fair anyway, thanks for organising it Debbie and thanks to all my loyal customers who came and bought as always.

A few of my fellow stall holders who really caught my eye:
Wow!  fantastically beautiful cupcakes that you can eat!!  much more filling than mine

Lovely Greek olive oil products including soap (which I bought and cant wait to try!)

HMMM yummy, yummy, yummy her chocolate cake I sampled was so sticky and lovely.  What is it with me and cake at the moment?  I'm already at least 2 stone overweight, am I on a roll? I hope not.  Anyway, her cakes are really good and look fantastic.

One of the shops in Exeter wanting to supply my soaps, thanks guys!

By the way, the other shop is opening soon in Exmouth, details to follow.

Finally a link to Pretty Posh to find out more about future events and how you can get involved -


  1. That stall looks fabulous! If I was shopping there I wouldn't have been able to resist buying some soap ;)

  2. Thanks a lot, it did look nice!

  3. Great job! I'd love to see your stall when you've "done it up right"! :)

  4. Hey! Thanks for the lovely feedback about my cakes and giving me a mention on here! We definately need to do something together; if only to confuse people with the edibleness!!
    See you soon. katycakes xxx

  5. don't be so hard on yourself- it looks bloomin brilliant! i'd have bought some too!! xx

  6. Your tables are so eye catching and beautiful. I shall have to catch you again in Exmouth sometime. :D