Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Oh My Goodness - Fab new soap evolving!

Yup, another one that is Palm free, think I must be on a roll now.  This is a soap I have been wanting to make for a long time, tried a couple of times and it did not work, but too busy to keep going.  Finally decided to try and crack the Salt Bar soap  -  Why you might ask... well we all know how health giving and healing salt can be, it makes a fantastic bar of soap,  I have used 75% natural, Portuguese sea salt in this trial batch along with lots of coconut oil and Castor oil for bubbly properties.  Its still very young - some bits hard, some bits very sloppy out of the mold - but has now hardened up beautifully.  Its like polished marble.  I have been using some already and it it bubbly, and lovely, scented with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils - really fresh and invigorating.

Well, I need a name. I am hoping that eventually this soap could be part of a new Portuguese soap range -  have come up with lots of really naff names (Sea Breeze - see below) but need something that says it all, Atlantic coast, white icing sugar sand, lots of wild waves, very cold sea....... can you help?  have a look at the pics and let me know what you think, all comments gratefully received

A close up of the top of one bar, shows the seasalt embedded in the top

 Another picture of a collection of bars

HELP! I would really love a name that reflected everything I am trying to convey, Summer holidays, Beautiful coast, surf, fab sandy beaches etc.
A really great prize available to the best name......................
Thanks, in anticipation


  1. They look lovely! How about:

    Azure Waters
    Sea Spray
    Tidal Wave
    Surf's Up


    Ist superschön geworden!

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  3. I'm not so good with the names - that's why I always ask MY readers for help. LOL! I just wanted to say what GORGEOUS colors you ended up with! Really beautiful!

  4. Oh thank you guys so much, I means a lot I think I have enough now to come up with a name, If I can come up with the same soap again... well that's another matter. My Best friend in Portugal (and its planned that this will be part of the new Portuguese range - I hope) has also come up with some ideas too so I think I'm ready to go for it. The soap is not ready anyway for another couple of weeks but I like 'all at sea' , 'Azure waters' and 'Atlantic Sea Spray' - we are talking about the Atlantic coast here it can be pretty wild. The soap itself has worked great, it has hardened to a fantastic mixture of clear glycerin soap, wild 4 colour swirls and a bubbly froth on top, when its used (which of course I have not yet!) it is really bubbly and goes a really clear, transparent look and smells like fresh morning.
    Will let you all know the final choice but thanks again for your help.

  5. Oh yes, sorry, will send you all a bar plus a new extra for your help, just email me your address to

  6. Oh I was going to put in some ideas but you've come up with some great names already! Fab looking soap, I've never used a salt bar before but I believe they're just lovely!

  7. Oh go on Celine, give me some more ideas please. I do like the ones we have all come up with but still up for ideas. Yes, I can say, salt bars are really fantastic. thanks for your comments, always welcome. X