Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Yes folks, after trying out lots and lots of different recipes as well as trying to source a good sustainable supply of unrefined Palm oil things have moved on.  I have hit on a recipe that I am really thrilled with.  It uses lots more olive oil so, while that is great for your skin, it does mean the soap is a lot softer getting it out of the mold and cutting it up, in fact it was really sticky and I did have to force myself to keep going.  3 weeks later it is already lovely and hard, a gorgeous golden colour and it smells wonderful.  I just hope the scent lasts as its citrus based, I used lemongrass, sweet orange and grapefruit essential oils, together they are fab.

I have used full fat, really fresh local goats milk from my favorite supplier Norsworthy Dairy Goats and that has just added to the wonderful creamyness of this soap.  It really is great and while I will still be looking for a good source of sustainable palm oil the rush is over.  If customers like this soap I think I will slowly change all my range to this blend.

The soap will be ready for sale soon and up on the website within a week or so.


  1. If you haven't used fresh goat's milk before, it can really make the soap sticky to begin with as well. Five-fold orange and litsea cubeba makes a really nice e.o. blend too - it actually sticks in soap!

  2. hi!
    just found your blog after doing some new searches. have you tried fresholi for palm oil? may be worth a go.

  3. Dear Amy, Thanks for your comments. I always use Goats Milk fresh (frozen into the lye). I think the stickyness was due to the extra olive oil but, as I said, it is curing into a really lovely soap. I have to admit, I have already used it and its fab. Ive been working on a good and reliable palm free recipe for ages now so I'm chuffed to bits. I will look into the orange eo you mention, the one I find sticks really well is lemon myrtle but its very expensive :-(

  4. Dear FuturePrimitive, I will definitely look into Fresholi, I did look at them a while ago but have not been back for a while. Im still waiting for a local contact to get back to me with samples. I'm still keen to get a good source. Thanks for your comment.