Thursday, 8 March 2012

New Wedding Favor Cupcake Soaps

It must be the weather, we are getting design and idea crazy, can't stop!  We have been banging on about making a new style cupcake for wedding favors for so long, so we just shut up and made them.  We are very pleased, they still need a bit of tweaking but generally the new technique works - always a good thing.

A bit blingy but that is what the customer wanted!  (I secretly love a bit of bling myself too).

So, as usual, let us know what you think.  We love comments, and yes, these are all soap, honestly!  Check out our Cupcake Photos on facebook too!


  1. fabulously over-the-top - i love them! Ali xx

  2. I love them along with all the 'cupcakes'. They are SO good, I find myself having to tell my stomach that they are NOT edible !!!!! Well done ....

  3. Wow- you have some very unique and beautiful "cupcakes"! Wish I could eat them!! Thanks :)

  4. The cupcakes are much important in wedding ceremonies. Your cupcake is much beautiful and gorgeous. I like the design.

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  5. These are so beautiful. I love how they each have such a pearly sheen to them the coloring and floral arrangements with pearls amazing.