Thursday, 8 March 2012

All in the name of Art!

See that post down there....-  down there!... -below this one!.... well Ishbel talks about us being design crazy at the moment, and I just want to clear something up- Ishbel is the crazy one oh, sorry I mean the design crazy one!

Recently I cheekily approached a magazine here in Portugal, wondering if they might like to feature some of our cupcakes. They replied instantly with a resounding 'YES'! and asked for some spring inspired ones. words to Ishbel were- 'can you come up with some nice spring cupcakes- butterflies and flowers- keep it simple- something similar to what we've done before and that I am comfortable with making', as I am a relative newbie to making cupcakes!
'No probs' says Ish- 'I'll knock some up this afternoon!' Well the result was the amazing spring cupcakes which were posted on here a few days ago- if you haven't seen them- have a look, and if you have seen them... have another look!!! They are incredible- all the flowers and butterflies have hand-painted details on them - even little antennae on the butterflies! So to be honest I was a little bit daunted!!

Anyway, I've had a go today- I was pretty dubious after spending what seemed like an age painting on butterfly spots and putting on their antennaes- but i gotta say I am very happy with the results and it was all worth it!!
They're very slightly different to Ishbel's, but I think thats the beauty of a hand-made product- considering we are currenly working in two different places (countries!), with different equipment, and have different ideas and styles.
Am slightly concerned about what Ishbel might come up with next- but I'm ready for the challenge!! Shelley :-)


  1. They look beautiful Shelley, see, I KNEW you could make them. Well done mate - Best soapmaker in Portugal!! XXIshXX

  2. haha thanks mate!! really love them- glad you keep pushing the soapmaking boundaries!! xxxxxxx

  3. It's all those little details like handpainting that make your product stand out! Well done!

  4. thanks Amy- thats exactly what Ish says to me! Every time we make something new like this I am hooked! I am going to make some more today- just because! Shelley :-)

  5. Very inspiring! Those are adorable. I like your this post completely agree.