Friday, 22 February 2013

Trying to simplify and keep calm

I just realised how long ago it was that I last posted, deep shame and embarrassment....

The only excuse I have is the busiest Christmas EVER! and the fact that I have been trying to recover and simplify ever since, well along with new soaps for Valentines Day and new Spring Soaps of course.  So, today, just a few pictures for you.

New Marshmallow Rose top

And the same soap cut into bars

Fruity and Juicy, with peppermint, 5 fold orange and Lemongrass

Ginger and Grapefruit made specially for a customer

Revamped Honey Bee for 2013

Lots more new soaps to follow but I hope you will forgive me, I have been busy honestly.....


  1. How beautiful soaps worth waiting for! The Rose Marshmallow looks divine and yummy at the same time! Hope you accomplished some of the calm reorg.

  2. All of the soaps are absolutely gorgeous and you have a definite eye for creativity. =)

  3. Very beautiful soaps. You have been busy

  4. Fabulous! I would say you have good reason to be behind in posting! ;) I'm sure we all forgive you, but lets have more pics, please! :)

  5. Just stopped in to say hello! I'm headed to a convention next month all about soap and such. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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