Tuesday, 20 December 2011


And WHAT A HOPELESS BLOGGER I have been recently - I am so sorry but I have never been as busy before in my whole life!  I came back from my last trip to Portugal where we successfully launched 'PURO' and my feet just did not touch the ground.

I feel like I have been stuck in a permanent whirlwind, not in a bad way, dont get me wrong, it is great to be busy but really, it has been intense.

firstly coming up with new soaps for my Christmas ranges, then making, making, making.  I actually made about 3 times more soap than I have ever done before for Christmas, thinking this might be enough.  Not a bit of it, I sold out of all the Christmas soaps end of last week, Follow the Star being the most popular, then Snowberry and Christmas Spice.  The Gingerbread cupcakes went immediately (and I made hundreds!), Wild Berry soon followed and the Mince pies have just gone mad!!  People started asking for them back in October so I knew I just had to make them again.  I love them.  Put them in a big basket on the stall, about 100, and just watch people, looking, then looking again, then they come up and read the info.  A huge smile usually follows, they never fail to make people smile.

My Christmas Fairs and activities have been mixed, always great fun but not always worthwhile in terms of sales, but that is not always everything is it?  The Craft Hub event at Topsham "Twinkling Firs" was wonderful, the first complete sell out of mince pies!

Totnes Late Night Shopping Christmas Festival has not been great so far, but Aimee (my wonderful daughter) and her fiance Dave have been doing the last one tonight for me (so we can pack for our mega trip to Portugal tomorrow) and so far, it looks good.  They have very little to sell, but, hey, what there is left is still great soap!!

So, we are mostly sold out at the moment but I can promise I will come back from Portugal on 22nd January fired up and ready to go, also I should have some great new soaps to show you as well as the old favorites, so don't go anywhere!

LASTLY - I would like to wish you all a fabulous Christmas, may it bring you everything you want, and, in these hard times, it is probably more important than ever to remember those dear to you, spend as much time with friends and family as possible and laugh as much as you can.

Lots of love and Christmas wishes
aka Soapchick

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