Monday, 31 October 2011


Yes, yes yes.... I really can't believe it myself, it seems that it was only yesterday I was there making and creating the most amazing soaps with Mrs Barnes aka Shelley

Well, I am back again tomorrow for another fun filled, busy, busy 3 weeks where we launch PURO Soaps and really go for it!

We have already made a lot of soap ready for our first selling experiences but, most importantly, we will be hosting an exhibition of artisan soap making at the

Biblioteca/Library- Lagares da Beira
Largo Dr. Agostinho Antunes
Lagares da Beira, Portugal
Our Local lovely library - So masses of work to get this sorted before our launch night when the website goes live and PURO really lives!  
The soaps we have created are the best that both of us have ever made, our special PURO range of Olive Oil soaps are really something and our lovely 'fun' soaps will make Christmas bubble with a lovely scented, spicy selection of slightly mad, crazy and amazing soaps.  
Keep following this blog for the next three weeks of fantastic adventure and excitement.  I can't wait!

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