Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I can now let you into my little/big secret.....



If you couldn't tell, I am rather excited.  I took my soaps to show Michael Dart 4 weeks ago and he agreed to stock them but until they were actually in place I didn't want to say anything - just in case it jinxed it.

Darts Farm (for those of you who don't know the place) is a large farm shop which has branched out over the last 40 years to become one of the biggest and best farm and local food retailers in the South West.  The Dart Brothers are passionate about local food and products, still working the land and producing seasonal vegetables and produce for the shop and their 'pick-your-own'.

As I only live 5 minutes away Naturally Made Soaps is the obvious choice as a local soap stockist.  As you know my products are natural, contain no palm oil, no parabens and no Sulfates.  Wherever possible I use local products in my soaps, for example all my soaps are made using Norsworthy Dairy Goats Milk

Darts Farm have won numerous awards such as the prestigious Best Local Food Retailer in the BBC Radio Four's Food and Farming Awards for 2010.  They are definitely known as a favorite haunt for all foodies, however the Darts are very keen to expand their local craft products as well and that is where I came in.

The new Naturally Made Soaps stand
I hope this is just the start of a fruitful and fun partnership and I am very happy to be working with an amazing shop that has great ethical credentials and is actively looking to promote all local businesses.

If you are local, do go and have a look at my display, any comments or suggestions will always be gratefully received.


  1. Oh My God! Congratulations!!!!! Wow! I love your display. You go girl!!!!!! xoxo Jen

  2. Congratulation! That sounds like an amazing opportunity. I can tell that you're super excited to be teaming up with such a great business with similar standards to yours =)

  3. very nice display and a wonderful opportunity
    regards from Germany

  4. Woo hoo!! I saw you post the photos of the display on FB - now I know why! Congrats!!

  5. Hey thanks guys, I am excited but still not putting all eggs in one basket, I have other plans in the making too!! Your comments are lovely and really give me encouragement, thanks so much.

  6. Congratulations! I love this display -- the colours, the chalkboard and the height. I also like how you have an information sheet as part of the display. I have only recently started selling my soaps at local shows, would you recommend having an information sheet available on the table?

  7. Congrats to you!!! You totally deserve it xxx

  8. Congratulations, this sounds fantastic, and your display is lovely! Well done xx

  9. Congratulations! Lovely Soaps and a Lovely display! Good luck =)

  10. Hi, congratulations on your soaps. I follow your blog with great interest today.

  11. Omg! Your soaps look scrumptious and I'm totally in love with your display! Was it custom made? Congrats on your success! I wish you much more!!!