Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Georgous new products are almost ready...

I have been so very busy, yes I know, I always say that but it really is true.  The sales side of things is very quiet at the moment, well just starting to pick up at markets, so I have been making the most of the break from wrapping and packing, I've been playing in the lab!

After a long time fiddling around with different ingredients and measurements I have finally come up with, what I think is, the perfect Bubble Bath Crumble.  Its so easy to use, just pick it up, crumble in under running water and hey presto an unbelievably bubbly, sweet smelling bath treat with lovely extra oils and glycering of course.  It makes the bathroom smell fab and there is easily enough in each one for 3 big baths.  Heres a sneak preview.....

This one is scented with Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla, very, very sexy!

And this one is a sweet floral mix of Frangipani and Linden Blossom

I still have to play with the colours and scents, it's quite hard to get the colour right when the mixture is dry but Im getting there.  They should be on sale soon.  I will definitely be doing some "give aways" so watch out for more info.

I have also redesigned my Chocolate Orange cupcakes to make them more natural, no more melt and pour now at all!!  I have used dried orange slices instead of the usual melt and pour orange, lemon and lime slices I used to make and I am very happy with the look.  To counter the slight lack of colour I have used Sweet Orange essential oil in the icing with a tiny bit of steeped tumeric and it looks beautiful,  I just hope the colour sticks.  I will let you know of course!!

One last thing I thought you might like to see, the latest pictures of my lovely Lola.  She came and stayed the weekend with me and decided that the best place to read her books was Blues bed!!  sorry the quality isnt great, I took them on the iphone but I did giggle when I found her.........

Do let me know what you think of the new crumbles and if you have any ideas for what to call them I'd love to hear.


  1. I love your Bubble Bath Crumbles. They are really pretty and cupcake looks edible. Cute photos of Lola as well.

  2. Your crumbles are SO cute! The flowers on them are such a great touch, way to go the extra mile to make your products stand out =)

  3. Very pretty Ishbel, I see lots of work but they look really great.

  4. The crumbles are gorgeous!! I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect name! Lola Baby is a sweetie!

  5. wow, beautiful pictures....and the soap, I can smell them♥

  6. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. Yes indeed a lot of work Sharon but worth it I think, my products will, I hope, really stand out,(thanks Anne-Marie) and they work so well too!my daughter rang me yesterday to say she has been using one for Lola's bath and she has now had 7 bubble baths with one crumble cake and the whole house smells fab! Very satisfying and worth all the hard work.