Thursday, 24 December 2009


Dear soapchick

I came to the advent fair at the Steiner School this November to buy a birthday
present for my husband, and you recommended this soap.  I never dreamt
that that one split second decision to say yes to a BIBS would be the
beginning of something so big.... The trouble is that I have now fallen
in love - with a bar of soap.  Please will you help by bringing another
one to the late night shopping in Totnes next Tuesday evening.   I'm
worried you may not have any  as it says so on your lovely yummy
website.    Once smitten, nothing else will quite do.  Please do your
best to help.

yours ever hopeful

............. The story continues, how wonderful is that for an endorsement of my soaps?  True to her word Judy came to our stall yesterday, we were really busy but it was sooooo good to hear her feedback - she bought more Beer Inn Beer Bars, gave me permission to use her private email and said that it was the best soap she had ever used.

Go on, try it yourselves, just to let you know, very low stocks available for the next 4 weeks.  Sign up as a facebook friend and get a very special offer until 2nd Jan, buy one, get two soaps free - Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2010 - Lots of love, SoapchickXXXXXX

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