Monday, 16 November 2009


One of the most popular soaps in the range is the suitably names Dirty Dog soap made with natural oils and including Tea tree and Citronella essential oils.  It smells wonderful, very refreshing with a zingy citrus undertone.  The soap is designed to be an easy, fuss free way of washing your mud magnet dogs, treating them to the same caring bubbles as yourself.  Much easier to use than fiddly bottles of shampoo, just wet the fir, rub the bar all over, lather it up and rinse away for soft, silky fur.  Tea tree is a natural antiseptic, its also great for itchy skin, citronella is renowned for its insect repelling qualities while also combating oily, smelly dog coats.  Dirty Dog soap is also suitable for using yourself for a refreshing, uplifting shower and is great to take away on holiday where you know midges and mossies are a problem, they HATE citronella.

By buying Dirty Dog soap you will also be able to support the great work of the RSPCA as Naturally Made Soaps is donating 10% from the sale of every bar.  You can help by ordering from the Naturally Made Soaps website - click on the link to the right of this article.

Dirty Dog bars are only £3.00 each and make a fantastic gift for Christmas.  Go on, give it a go, let me know what you think of it.  By the way, the illustration above is from the label, drawn by me and is a picture of 'Blue' Naturally Made Soaps own mud magnet!

In September and October I sold 37 bars of Dirty Dog which means I have raised £11.10, Ive topped this up to £15 and a cheque is on its way to the Exeter branch of the RSPCA.  Not an enormous amount but I'm hopeful this will be the start of something bigger.   thanks to all those of you who have bought a bar.  I will let you know about the next donation, watch this space........

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