Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Phew, been so busy tonight just wrapped masses of bars of Christmas soap. I am wondering it it is really worth it, time wise, to wrap each one with a hand tied bow, it looks lovely but takes an age. I did Exmouth Farmers Market last Wednesday (my best ever) and the Christmas Spice Cake simply flew off the stall, I sold almost every bar I took, and that was a whole batch!! Im going to be very busy making enough for the markets Ive got coming up - see my News section on the website - Ohhh err I just hope I have enough!! Got to do a huge make this weekend.
My wonderful boyfriend Rik has made me a fantastic mold, its twice the size I have previously been using (made by me). This one is made from really strong ply double skin for extra strength and insulation. It takes a huge batch of soap, enough for 48 bars, and has very clever clips on each of one of the long sides making is so easy to get the teflon lined soap bar out. Its so brilliant that I have ordered two more. that will increase my capacity by 3 times. I have a lot of making to do.

the above pictures are back to front! First one shows the soap out and liner pulled off, second one is the side of my new mould clipped off and liner slid out, and the last one shows my new mold with English Rose in. Ready for taking out and cutting. I am soooo pleased with them!
thanks Rik XXX ;-) XXX


  1. the new site looks fantastic Ish- you have been so busy!!
    the new mould looks great- I will have to get Paul working on one for me (but not that big obviously!!)- mine's a bit 'basic' and i could definately do with a new and improved version!
    by the way- that liner you've got- it looks really good- can i just get it from my normal soap making supplier- i've never seen it before- it would certainly help with the neatness of mine!
    well- keep up the good work- all looks fabulous xx

  2. Thanks Shell, the liner is actually teflon oven/cake liner Its brilliant, nothing sticks to it, I cut it into a basic box shape and use masking tape to tape it together each time I use it. I used to use freezer paper which is waxed but got fed up with picking strips of stuck paper off the soap! Who do you use for your soap supplies?